4 ideas and sketches

Follow the Leader

Motorized piece with motion sensors that follow people. Flat base on wheels and on top a projector is disguised as a fake duckling. Ducklings follow their moms and this robot will think that a person in close proximity to the robot is the mother and follow it. Through either the eyes or the chest the projection will display on the back of a person displaying a mother duck visual. When the person turns around the robot will stop and find a new person to follow.

Visual Nerves

This will be a glove that simulates the nerves in the human hand. On the glove there will be sensors that respond to touch/pressure. When pressed a corresponding LED light will light up on the wall adjacent. This will demonstrate a visualization of nerves and feeling.


A “bubble” made from cloth or something elastic will be placed in a box. A pump will be triggered by sound and motion that will inflate the “bubble” when no one is near and the deflate when people are too close. This simulates an animal or turtle hiding inside its shell or den and is fearful of humans.

Skin movement

This is a simple box that will have people place their hands on top of it. The top layer is made from a synthetic material similar to skin. Underneath, there will be little pins/hammers that sense pressure and heat and react when a hand comes into contact with it. The reaction will depend on amount of heat and pressure applied from the user.


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