AR – The Process

During this project I experienced success and failure. During the rigging and animations phases in Maya, my models had to be fixed in order to play properly when imported into Unity. On several occasions, Unity and Maya crashed when testing a build and importing the models into the scene. The issue was fixed through online research and by fixing the rig. The file had to be exported as a Maya binary (.mb) in order to properly play in Unity.

In order to test the applications the target images below were created, edited, and tested using Photoshop. From there they were uploaded into the Vuforia (AR engine) database and rated on their quality for Augmented Reality capabilities. They were then imported into Unity as a package when it met the Vuforia star requirements (three stars out of five and up). Next all the build settings had to be specifically checked so that the build would export and open up on the tablet. If something was missing the build would fail, and I would have to fix what was wrong and re-upload the file to the device.

The images were printed and mounted. But due to some mounting issues some of the images were not the correct size. They had to be reprinted and mounted then placed into frames. Getting the images to look nice was a good but hard lesson that I faced. In the future I will use the knowledge I gained here and apply it to future projects.

In the end, the process was long and hard, but the success of getting the application to run with the images was gratifying. As seen in the video here First Steps to Last (AR) – 2017.

Below are images documenting the progress of the project in the various programs.

Parallel Bars – Maya – Model
Parallel Bars – Progress 1 – Modeling
Parallel Bars – Progress 2 – Animate
Toddler – Maya – Model
Toddler – Progress 1 – Modeling
Toddler – Progress 2 – Modeling
Toddler – Progress 3 – Rigging
Toddler – Progress 4 – Animating
Vufoira Rating System & Database
Unity Scene 1
Unity Scene 2
Unity Scene 3
Toddler Scene – 18″x24″
Parallel Bars Scene – 18″x24″
Stairs Scene – 24″x18 (Not included in Final Project)
Pathway – 24″x18 (Not included in Final Project)


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