First Steps to Last (AR) – 2017

OSU Art & Tech Show 2017 – Trans-Species Skins


Artist Statement

First Steps to Last was inspired by events that happened to me. I’ve had to learn how to walk three times in my life. The first time, like most, was when I was a toddler. The next time I had to learn how to walk was when I was a teenager because of a knee injury. The last and most recent incident of retraining my body to walk again happened during this past year following foot surgery. Each time I was met with struggle and had to find my determination to move forward. The rehabilitations were difficult, long, and painful. But I fought to walk each time.

The two animations within this piece are taken from my personal experiences. Together, they tell the story of a person walking at two different stages in their life. They are: learning to walk as a toddler and rehabilitation on parallel bars in physical therapy. These animations are meant to convey the joys and tribulations of walking that I and others have endured throughout life.

As I conceived of this project, I wanted to do something more than just an animation. I had worked with hologram projections before and wanted to continue exploring that idea. My research then lead me to Augmented Reality (AR), which is another form of projection.  AR allows the viewer to interact with the animations in interesting way. It integrates the viewing space with the physical space. It makes the 3D models come off the flat background images and into the real environment. The combination of the two techniques, animation and augmented reality, makes the 3D world come alive. AR lets me demonstrate the movements of walking more effectively and it is my hope that the emotional lives of the characters become more available to the viewer promotes this use of technology.

AR – The Process

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