Nerves of Light 2017- Final

OSU Art &Tech Show AU 2017

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In Progress Photos

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Artist’s Statement

Nerves of Light depicts the nervous system in a life size (4’x6′) wood engraving embedded with fiber optic lights. The engraving is of the nervous system and was cut using a CNC (Computer numerical control) machine via an Adobe Illustrator file. It is a complex piece that combines wood craftsmanship and fiber optic technology that produces a visually appealing piece of art work. The lights flow from the bottom of the piece and expand upward lighting the engraved areas.This piece is displayed in a dark room for optimal light visibility, but also has a strong presence in well lit areas.

When I was conceiving the idea for this project, I was thinking about the minor nerve damage in my foot following surgery. The project concept was originally intended to be a mold of a hand with the fiber optics representing the nerves. It later evolved into its current state after it went through several iterations and tests on different types of mediums (plaster, ice, and wood). The final piece represents nerves, which is something that we don’t normally see and it was my intention to make something that we feel visible through the use of the fiber optic lights. It is also meant to represent how complex and intricate the human nervous system is. It is my hope that this piece can be relatable to others with similar conditions while also being a beautiful piece of art.

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