Project 1 Ideas & Sketches

Idea #1 – Clock + Gears

Object – wall clock

Projection – gears and new interface on clock moving and interlocking together



For this idea, I was thinking of projecting a different interface in the style of steam punk over the physical clock (9 inches in diameter) and essentially creating a new clock. Within in the clock, I want to create an animation that has the gears and parts moving which is then stopped and jammed by a dagger. The dagger symbolizes a fight to stop or slow down time. I constantly struggle with trying to find enough time in a day to do everything and the dagger represents my efforts to keep up with time and sort of “pause” it so that I can finish my work. It demonstrates me trying to push back time and go at my own pace.

Below is an added sketch that clarifies this added meaning to the idea.

Image (56)

Reference Images

Image result for steampunk clockImage result for steampunk clockImage result for steampunk clock

Idea #2 – Balloons + Space/Galaxy

Object – Balloons

Projection – space scene with stars

For this idea, I was thinking of projecting space and galaxy themed animations on three balloons that are either filled with helium or air. If it is filled with helium then I want the balloons to be attached to the ground through a tether (string). If filled with air then they would be suspended from the ceiling hanging upside down. I chose balloons to project on because I like the idea that this object can move and sway. I think that this aspect with give the space animation a better sense of movement.

Ballons + space

Reference Image

Image result for milky way

Idea #3 – Dark box + arms and hands

Object- Box

Projection – hands and arms coming from within the box trying to get out.


This idea will be projected on a lantern type box (paper + wood/wire frame). The box would be closed and the projection would be on the front face of the box. The idea is to have a dark box and have fears or likes escaping the box. The box is like an unknown entity and I want the viewer to have a feeling of suspense when looking at the projection. They won’t know what will come out of the box. This idea would also rely more on ambient sounds, which I thought would be played when the box is dark to add a hint of what is about to come out of the box.Box + Arms

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