Exhibition Proposal and Sketches

Project Description:

3 – 20” x 24” canvas paintings to be hung on a wall in the gallery. The paintings will be spaced evenly along the wall. There will also be and iPad nearby and tethered to the wall. The iPad is for Augmented Reality content that integrates the 2D elements from the paintings overlays 3D content on top.

The idea is to create these painting scenes, and then give them more dimension through AR technology. When the iPad is held over the painting, an animation will play and bring the painting to life, creating a new view to the project.  Somewhere on the painting, I want the words “This is not a painting”, inspired by Magritte’s The Treachery of Images series. I want the viewer to know, that this isn’t just a painting, and that there is more to it  and a hidden feature that can only be viewed through the iPad.

Materials & tools:

  • 3 –  20” x 24”  stretched canvases
  • Oil paint & brushes
  • Apple ARkit
  • Maya/Cinema 4D
  • After Effects/Premiere pro
  • iPad Pro
  • Tether for iPad & charging cable


  • Canvas – $20.08
  • Paint – $25.00
  • Tether – $20.00
  • Adobe CC – $0
  • 3D modeling software – $0
  • iPad Pro – $0

Total cost: $65

Contingency: +$100 extra if needed.

Sketch 1
Sketch 2


Reference Work:

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