Augmented Reality

Since 2017 I’ve been working and learning about Augmented Reality and since 2018 as a developer. Augmented reality merges the physical world and the digital world creating a new experience. With that in mind, I strive to mix and integrate traditional art using AR technology. Below are some of the projects that I’ve worked on personally and professionally.


ARTrees is an Augmented Reality app designed and made by students at Ohio State in collaboration with the Art Department and other organizations around campus. The goal is to bring awareness to people about the benefits that trees provide while presenting it in a fun interactive way. Initially my role focused on development for the app then later evolved to include UI/UX development and art asset support.

ARTrees UI Demo 2019

Art assets – badges

Orton Hall AR Dinosaur Exhibit – 2018

I worked on and collaborated with the Curators at Orton Hall Geological Museum while working for ASCTech at Ohio State University. I made sure the model was working and ready to be implemented for the AR application. Read more about it here.

Not A Painting:The Beach (AR) – 2018

Art BFA Thesis Show Autumn 2018
Augmented Reality Painting
2D Animation

First Steps to Last – 2017

OSU Art & Tech Show 2017. Augmented reality using Vuforia + Unity. Amazon Fire Tab