Not A Painting: The Beach(AR) – 2018

Artist Statement

I have always appreciated the phrase “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. Things are not always what they appear to be. This logic is true to Augmented Reality. I first began experimenting with Augmented Reality over a year ago and I’ve come to be fond of it. This technology merges the virtual world with the real world. And with that in mind, I was inspired to use it in this art piece.

My goal is to take everything that I have learned about art and make a piece that has elements from different media. This project combines my love of painting with my passion for animation. Augmented Reality has allowed me to fuse these two medias together, to create a dynamic piece that elevates both of them to a higher level. This technology also allows the viewer to launch an app on the iPad and hold it up to the static painting which makes it come alive. I want the audience to know that this work is not just a painting, but also an animation that is only seen through the application that I have made. There are two sides to this piece and it is meant to be engaging.

Images of installation on display

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Animation video (Non-AR)

Video of Animation and AR Features

BFA Thesis Show at the Urban Arts Space in Columbus, Ohio

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