Time’s A Wasting – 2018

My concept has changed quite a bit since the beginning. Instead of just having the clock with a dagger stopping time, I have evolved the concept. The project now is now about how nuclear material (nuclear waste, energy, and weapons) are impacting us and the Earth. Through the use of a nuclear waste barrel, I am symbolizing that it is only a matter of time before some event causes a nuclear meltdown of the Earth. The barrel is slowly dripping radioactive waste onto the clock and melting it away. The melting reveals the inside of the clock, and the clock is both a metaphor for time running out and also a symbol for Earth. It is my intent to bring awareness to alternative forms of energy and the high threat that nuclear weapons pose.
Initial Sketches

Object Projected onto (Clock)

Initial Model Renders

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Original Video of updated concept

Updated and Higher Resolution.

Documentation of Projection

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